Last update 07 30 2017

We are searching for retailers in : Russia and East Europa - China - Switzerland - Germany - Brazil and South America.

Other countries as well, please contact   Katy Fertin :   or  David Saingery :

New tweeter TW4 now available!

Jacek Grodecki, owner of CLOSER ACOUSTICS, was presenting, on 06.26.2017 at the workshop, his global audio system including  Allegra speakers (based on LB8MKII) and 300B single ended amplifier. Discover his report here:

Visiting the Fertin family

ems_welcome EMS Introduction

 Bienvenue sur le site d’

 50 ans consacrés à la haute-fidélité d’exception,

 depuis la création de FERTIN Electro Acoustique

 pour des créations véritablement exceptionnelles.

 En 2017, EMS fête ses 10 ans.

 Nos produits intègrent des enceintes de marques

 prestigieuses dans le monde entier.

French developer of exceptional full-range

High performance electromagnetic loudspeakers

Our speakers are used by respectable hi-fi manufacturers such as:

Black Forest Audio


MacVoice Audio

Musical Affairs

 and many more...